USANA Amphitheatre:

 awarded “The Greenest Show In Utah”

In 2009 USANA Amphitheatre was awarded “The Greenest Show In Utah,” by Rocky Mountain Recycling for its green sustainability initiatives and for recycling over 10 tons of recyclable material during the 2009 concert series. According to Rocky Mountain Recycling, USANA Amphitheatre green initiative efforts amounted to saving 70,070 gallons of water, 2,193 gallons of gas, 170 mature trees, 40,040 kilowatts of energy, 600.6 lbs. less air pollution, 3,804 gallons of oil, and 30 cubic yards of landfill airspace. THANK YOU! Rocky Mountain Recycling


Save gas and time by riding together. USANA Amphitheatre has created a carpool program that will reward participating vehicles by providing prime parking and a separate entrance (no lines). Remember, not only are you reducing emissions, concerts are more fun with friends. To participate:

- Space is on a first come, first serve basis so please arrive early.

- You need 4 or more persons in one vehicle.

- Click on the link below to download your carpool lot parking pass, print it out and following the directions.

Download carpool lot parking pass

- Present your carpool lot pass to the parking attendant at the carpool lot.*

Green Team

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As bands come through Salt Lake City a common theme arises, being green and caring for our surroundings.  2013 marks the start of our seventh season with green initiatives and we are growing every year.  The growth comes from the community and sponsors embracing the goal to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” This year we are hoping that the concept of recycling is becoming familiar. Our hope is that you can remember to recycle while at the Amphitheatre and all other places you visit in your daily life. We have a very active Green Team and I want to personally thank them for all they do. Help them out and recycle the items you have night of show. It takes all of us to make a difference. If you have questions look for our Green Team (bright green vests) and feel free to ask them.

. As a reminder we recycle:

Plastic Bottles
Plastic Cups

Download 2012 Recycling Infographic

~If you would like to become involved for 2014 contact Mary at

Thanks to our Sponsors:
Rocky Mountain Recycling